I’m back!


I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything, and I am sure some of you thought you would never see me again.  But I have actually returned ready to start posting once again!  This first week back I thought I would give everyone a bit of smut to get us rolling once again.  This is a little one-shot I wrote while I was away:  Libray Fees.

Next week I will start posting chapters for Shame’s Desire once again, and I will keep posting them each week until they story is complete.  That is right!  I am very excited to have finished this story while I’ve been gone and I will be able to share it with you in the coming weeks.

I’ve been working on some other things as well and hope to have a few more chapters of Face of Death and Sound of Submission for you when I’ve finished posting Shame’s Desire.

I am working to come back strong and hope everyone enjoys the new chapters!

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  1. Lovely as ever, welcome back. Little library appetizer

    Sound of Submission, yeay!!!!
    Face of Death yeay!!!

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