Things to get used to


As you may be able to tell I am still getting used to my new posting schedule.  Hopefully some point soon I will start posting at the beginning of each Saturday instead of the end.  To my credit, it is still Saturday, right?  So I wanted to tell you this week that I have a Tumblr account now, as well as an Instagram account now.  Let me know if you can think of any ways I can use these things or be in better contact with those of you who want to engage.  As I reminder I also have a Twitter and Facebook that gets updated every time I make a post on here.  I would like to use these tools to the best of their advantage so if anyone has any ideas comment or contact me at if you don’t want to talk in a public forum.

This week I am posting another chapter on Shame’s Desire!  See what Lucius is getting up to with his young bride!  On the writing front…As you can see I am nearly 37,000 words into my goal this month.  This has been a lot of things, but I have been working on a lot of Face of Death and I really hope to have that done soon so I can start posting it right after Shame’s Desire is complete!

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