Impulse Control


This week I had this idea about doing a live Q & A on facebook and I decided to give it a little try.  The video is still up on my facebook page for anyone that is interested, I did a rambling session as I talked about some stuff I am working on right now.  I think I am going to try again in the future by giving people more notice.  With that is mind I am planning to do another on August 26th.  Saturdays are pretty open for me so I was hoping to get ideas from other to see what time you would like to come visit my brain again?  Comment below, but keep in mind that I live in EST and if you don’t either convert your suggestion to EST or tell me what time zone you live in!

As promised I have posted another chapter of Shame’s Desire.  This time they are getting to the palace and seeing what the outside world is up to!

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  1. I would rather see stories already started completed than starting a new story. Too many authors have uncompleted stories that are years old and most likely never will be finished. Please finish what you’ve started.

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