4th times the charm


I don’t think I am too bad by posting now, we are still in the morning where I live.  Tomorrow I head off into the wilderness of Vermont for a work thing so I won’t really have the internet for the next week.  I am making plans to get next week chapter posted on time but I am warning now it may be a bit late.

Today, of course, I have posted the next chapter of Shame Desire.  This one is called Master’s Surender and it is one of my favorite chapters in this story.  I don’t wish to give too much away, but I feel it signifies a turning point for Lucius.

I have been mostly working on my novel this week and I think I finally have a first chapter that I can feel somewhat good about.  It is obviously only a first draft, but I think it is the start I’ve been searching for.  This will be my 4th rewrite of the first chapter of this story, so I maybe it will stick this time.

I started chapter two, but have had since been distracted by a wild plot bunny.  I hope to have defeated said plot bunny by the time I return.  Wish me luck as it seems to be quite a persistent critter.

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