Twisting Turning


Thanks to everyone who commented last week it made me feel better knowing you all are out there.  Today I’m posting another installment of Face of Death.  I feel like because of some of the reactions I’ve gotten from previous chapters I should warn everyone that things are going to get much darker for some of the girls from here on.  The Face Trilogy has never been a shiny happy story… You have been warned.

Next week will be Sound of Submission.  Near the end of the month, I will be slipping in a story called Dark God, which is another installment to the Year’s Wheel series.  This is the series of one-shots with Voldemort corrupting Hermione at festival times.  It seems each installment gets a little longer than the last, I’m not sure why.  I have finished off an outline to what I am doing with the series and there should be only two more installments before it is done.

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