Welcome to submissivefox.com!  I am Wild Kitsune.  Wild not only means undomesticated, and feral, but also uncontrolled.  Kitsune means fox in Japanese.  It also refers to a Japanese folktale of a fox spirit with multiple tails.  I picked this name because I feel it describes me.  I am a submissive, but I am also feral.  I like to be bound, but I don’t ever wish to be tamed.  I am playful and tricky, and you may wish to watch out because I DO bite.

This blog is a place for me to express my fantasies in several ways.  First I will be posting my fan and other fiction.  I plan to keep posting them on FF.net, and AFF.net as well but this is a place I can bring them all together.  I also plan to write about my thoughts and life events as I explore more of my own submissive and masochistic side.

Welcome again and I hope you enjoy reading!

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  1. I would like to be the first to say…’way to go’. I will be checking back often. You know I am an avid groupie of your AFF.org works.

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