Two Things!


First!  I have posted a the first chapter to a brand new story call Shame’e Desire!  It is a Ginny/Lucius story set in a setting of my own making.  It is fun and people should go check it out!  GO.  NOW.  *taps foots waiting*  Just kidding…

Second! I have just posted chapter 6 to Blind Nymph on  How does this effect you you may be wondering?  Well… It means next week I will be posting a brand new chapter for Blind Nymph here and on!  *throws confetti*

Anyway that was it… hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.

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  1. A nice start to a nice, creative story. (Originally I typed out a giant blurb before hitting the ‘back’ button … so please bear with me as I shorten it drastically. =P)

    One thing I think can be pushed more, is the differentiation in the main characters. From a first person perspective, everything outside of quotation marks is essentially a internal monologue. It is here, that we can have much more differentiation. – The easiest way to do so is generally to follow up descriptive sentences with what the character is feeling, for example, (“We must part ways when we realize we have been seated apart and I find myself, with my brother to my left and the head of the table to my right.”) – (“A shame that, he had an intesity… such an intesity.”)

    More comments, but am kinda sleepy. =P Use the “Email (required)” below to contact me if you would like to chat more.

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