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Yay it’s posting day!  😀 For those of you who are interested I just posted Face of War Chapter 12: United!  That means we only have two more chapters left before the story is done.  What do you guys think?  Will everything come together in the end and finally push back this new dark empire?  For a hint there is a whole other book after this one.  It is called Face of Death and should be started… sometime.

I really need to make a real schedule I know!  Well I do have a posting schedule for the next couple of months!  So I thought I would share what I plan to bring you.  I hope to keep this going so everyone knows what to expect and what I am working on.  I  plan to update you again either at the beginning of November or as soon as I know myself, whichever comes first… 😉

October Schedule

[10/11/15] Face of War- Chapter 13: Two Fragments
[10/18/15] Face of War- Chapter 14: What is Precious
[10/25/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 1: The Blood on Her Hands

November Schedule

[11/01/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 2: To Live or Die
[11/08/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 3: Suffering
[11/15/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 4: Body & Mind
[11/22/15] Moon Guard- Chapter 5: Conditioning

Just in case no one looks at the table of contents, Moon Guard is my Halloween story!

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  1. Could the stories on board be finished before posting a new one? I know one author who has 17 stories up but only 3 completed over a span of several years. (I doubt they ever will be.) I would hate to be disappointed that way with your stories.

  2. For the most part that is exactly what I am working towards. My goal for the end of the year is to have The Blind Nymph and Shame’s Desire completed, as they are my two open stories right now. I am not counting Face of War as open as I only need to finish posting it. I realize your comment may have been inspired by seeing Moon Guard on the posting schedule after Face of War is complete. There are two reasons for this: First, Moon Guard was a story I wrote for Halloween so I wish to post it around that season. Second is that the story is already complete. There are only five chapters and as you can see they all have a posting date. I have other short stories that are complete as well that I may stick in here and there to give myself time to write my longer pieces. I hope this has been helpful… I didn’t mean to make my reply so long…

    • Hello, I am very sorry to bother you. am a huge fan of your work, and I was wondering when (and if) you are planning to write/publish Face of Death? Also, thank you for sharing your fantastic writing skills 🙂

      • First, never worry about bothering me. One of the reasons I have this site is to communicate with those that enjoy my stories! Second, thank you so much! The only payment we get as fanfic writers is knowing our work is enjoyed! Now to your real question: there are no story lines I have started that I do not plan to finish. Unfortunately I have a day job and other life things that get in the way of writing so I can’t do everything I want all at once. From the votes I am seeing on my poll this week I will be putting Face of Death third on my writing list. This means I hope to be working in it by this summer!

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