The End…


Today I posted the final chapter to Blind Nymph!  This is a story that I have been working on for around three years and I am happy to have it finally finished.  I hope that you all enjoy where I have taken you with it, from the beginning this was where we were headed.

Just because I have a hard time keeping anything to myself… I will let you all know that there may be a second book to this story.  As I was working on the final chapter the ideas for a second book came to me.  But! I will not be working on it before I have a few more things off my plate.

Next week I hope to start posting my Valentine’s story for this year’s round of holiday shorts.  After that I am not 100% on what I want to work on.  I do want to finish my only other open story which is Shame’s Desire and after that I will be working on Sound of Submission by popular demand!  But! I don’t know when those things will be ready so there may be some other short stories that have been waiting in the wings while I finish up the more established stuff.

Oh yeah… you can find the new chapter here: Blind Nymph- Chapter 13: Forever Dark

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