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So I have gotten some repeated comments on my stories and posts saying the same thing.  Finish stories before I start anything new.  Now that would be nice if my schedule were open and inspiration focused on one story at a time.  But the truth of the matter is it just doesn’t.  But as this comment has been repeatedly made I thought I would see how most of my readers actually want.

So here is the truth of the matter.  I could only post on open stories.  Right now that would mean finishing up Shame’s Desire.  After that it seems I would be only working on sequels to things I have started.  That would mean working on one of the following:

  1. Face of Death (Final story in Face Trilogy)
  2. Quidditch Lessons Re-Write (Not working on a sequel until this is finished)
  3. Serpent’s Familiar (Next Story in Empire of Magic Collection)
  4. Sound of Submission (Next Story in Sense of Submission Series)

That all sounds good and tidy, but here is the problem.  If I decided to do that.  It would mean posting a whole lot less often.  This would happen for two reasons.  First my day jobs get in the way of my writing more often than not.  I simple only have a limited amount of time to write.  The second reason is that when I do write it is for my enjoyment, and if I get too stressed out about a story I simple can’t work on it.  If I try I write bunk that I refuse to post.  Which means that I’m not always working on the story you may want me to be working on.

Because I know it is nice to have something to read each week I save up what I do write so I can post it when I have nothing for my established stories.  These stories are usually short and I finish them before I even start posting the first chapter.

So what all this is trying to make clear is that you will not get the finish of my open stories any sooner, you will just not have anything else to read in the midterm.  But that may be what you want… So I am posting a poll to see what people are most interested in.

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