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I’m sorry to say I am posting another chapter of His Blood today.  I know it isn’t very popular, but I don’t really have anything else to post right now.  Hopefully my life is going to allow me to start working on Shame’s Desire again soon.

Last week I mentioned that I have a spreadsheet of a lot of different info on each character in the Sense of Submission series.  Stacy Saeman asked if I could share that spreadsheet with my readers.  Unfortunately I can’t share the entire thing, because it would spoil future details, but this is a slice of it, including where character’s fall in my Dom/sub scale.  There are also more characters on the private spreadsheet because there will be more characters coming in in the future and I don’t want to spoil that either.  Hope you enjoy the info!

Name Sex Dom/Sub Rating House Year
Weasley, Ginny F Sub 5 Gryffindor 5
Finnigan, Seamus M Dom 3 Gryffindor 6
Thomas, Dean M Sub 2 Gryffindor 6
Potter, Harry M Dom 6 Gryffindor 6
Weasley, Ronald M Dom 4 Gryffindor 6
Granger, Hermione F Sub 5 Gryffindor 6
Longbottom, Neville M Dom 2 Gryffindor 6
Brown, Lavender F Dom 5 Gryffindor 6
Bell, Katie F Dom 3 Gryffindor 7
McLaggen, Cormac M Dom 5 Gryffindor 7
Lovegood, Luna F Sub 4 Ravenclaw 5
Chang, Cho F Sub 4 Ravenclaw 7
Greengrass, Astoria F Sub 3 Slytherin 4
Malfoy, Draco M Dom 5 Slytherin 6
Zabini, Blaise M Dom 5 Slytherin 6
Greengrass, Daphne F Sub 1 Slytherin 6
Davis, Tracey F Sub 3 Slytherin 6
Nott, Theodore M Dom 4 Slytherin 6
Snape, Severus M Dom 5 Slytherin T


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  1. Thanks for this piece of the puzzle! I wish there was a spell that could change Cormac from a Dom to a sub. It would be sweet revenge for Harry and Hermione. 😉

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